John Krasinski Gets a Scare on Ellen's Street

In the ultimate silent staring contest, Ellen managed to scare "A Quiet Place" director/star John Krasinski with one of the most iconic horror characters of all time.
  • O U M A Y M A

    I just started youtube and I think I should film myself doing this to my husband I mean I do it alllll the time and his reactions are absolutely hilarious and he's french so the cursing is cute !! I have a beauty channel I don't think that's related but I swear if I get like a 100 subscriber on my channel I will do it I don't care if he agrees or not those reactions neeeeeds to be seen lol

  • Black_jack1221

    He made a classic Jim face!

  • Justin Angelo Alvarez

    thank God YOutube has a 0.5x speed setting...haha...the slowed part is still too fast for me...

  • Alicia Sheriyah

    like 👍if u want to be that person with the most likes in the comment section

  • hicham MA

    I think he suffers from the irritable bowel

  • Natashia

    Omg he is such a cute teddy bear haha love his mustache and beard as well as that flailing almost punch Freddy attempt 😂💖🐻

  • Iris Cox

    Catholic block tank sum bear fly mainstream.

  • Mom2MrBabyHaikin

    OMG, my son was hysterical and I screamed!

  • Sachin Menon

    1:12 he wanted to look into the camera and give the Jim Halpert look

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