Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Bekah M from The Bachelor смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Bekah M. was eliminated by Arie in tonight's bittersweet episode of 'The Bachelor.' Bekah was recently reported missing by her mom and then the sheriff's office in Humboldt County said she was working on a marijuana farm so naturally Jimmy had lots of questions for her.

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Bekah M from The Bachelor
  • Daryn Russo

    I think it was an excuse to interview her about the bachelor lol

  • lhj276

    What a cutie. Glad she was eliminated. It should have been Eric with a beard.

  • Ahmed Alam

    Lmfao Jimmy Kimmel at the end "your mom knows that you are here"😂😂😂

  • Sydney Schierling

    Lmao. " my wife was devastated. How do you feel?"

  • Emily Ascepiter

    Bekah can do so much more than be a real estate agent's wife. I'd watch a show about her interesting cool life, she has such a great attitude and energy.

  • Mariya V.

    Those earrings, oh girl. Lol

  • Becky Silaban

    Jimmy is so darn funny


    Remember when you had Adam Carolla and you had a pair of testicles it's like you cut your testicles off and you've gone full transgender on America Jimmy Kuckle

  • Reginald OLeary

    Bekah is DEFINATELY hot & wifeable. I would give Bekah at least 2 kids, myself. "B", holla at a brutha, ah'ight! @ 3:19 , Nooo! You need to get pregnant now, babe!

  • FrancesL

    Based, on the comment about wishing it was Peter, I'm guessing she wasn't that into Arie. Can't really blame him for sending her home.

  • Kimberly Lopez

    She should be the next Bachelorette!!!

  • Noah Peeters

    Poor colonial coffee thirty second toy cash.

  • Armas Ahonen

    Designer show instead honest quarterback male sweat actual feel live branch.

  • BC VC

    she needs to be the next bachelorette!

  • Mandyj_ Kamp

    Honey... we all wanted it to be Peter Too.

  • breathe&smile26

    She's so... charming and pleasant

  • Zlipster Royals

    She’s pretty!! Tia would look like a witch with a pixie hair cut!

  • E. Roncallo

    My favorite! Im sad!!

  • You're Welcome!

    Shes cute n she can take a joke. Id hit that... and im a girl! i guess id hit it with my hand...

  • Sweet Laughter08

    Peter was my favorite of Rachel's season and Bekah was my favorite Ari's. It's a match made in heaven and I hope it's not the last time we hear from them

  • Taleen Marie

    I love her soooo much! I loved that she admitted she was going on the show cause she thought it was Peter. That was literally EVERY girl on the show. Arie was such a disappointment! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Dee Livingthelife

    She is such a lovely girl!

  • beccakufrinforbachelorette

    arie dumps Becca and goes back to lauren.he pulls a mesnick.read reality Steve's blog to get all the information about this mess

  • Julissa Plasencia

    I love her!! She's awesome

  • Apollo Sun

    She is JUST beautiful ! She reminds me of a 1950's starlet ... and very few would look awesome in those earrings and she does! Jimmy needed to keep his thoughts to himself though...very rude.

  • k kellz

    You know what I really like Bekah but he needed to send her home and I just came to that conclusion after she said “she was hoping it would’ve been Peter “ I’m sorry but she could have kept that to herself since he already had those questions in his head smh not ok

  • TheDarksweeney

    She will be the next Bachelorette.

  • Evan Clomin

    She's very poised for her age.

  • Haley Faragalli

    Oh my god she is adorable

  • Jayne Karinova

    Damn. If Peter ever is announced as next bachelor before the new group of girls has been chosen, girls are gonna be beating down walls to have a chance to audition. I loved him too but after some time has passed, I think he’s just really enjoying the way his career has taken flight since the show, and he likely won’t be wanting to settle down for a good while. That’s just my guess. He probably gets more money and more booty than he can keep up with.

  • PinkLadie007

    She's so fake and annoying!!

  • Man is made by his belief. As he believes so he is.

    If Marilyn Monroe had a daughter.....!

  • Olga Tsentner

    He should of sent Tia's country ass home instead of Bekah!!! Arie made a big mistake! Tia needs to mind her damn business & she reminds me of Raven. I realized that Bekah did a spoiler by saying she was with Kendel the other night & now we know that Arie didn't pick Kendel.

  • i have too many email accounts

    She’s very likable and not in an annoying way

  • bigmunchkinfan

    Gosh she is so annoying!! It's like she was trying so hard to look older and more mature than her age. I'm so glad she's off The Bachelor!

  • amusement420

    Here’s what Arie’s blog I think it was for People Mag said: “I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to Bekah. During our breakup, she was so gracious and mature that it reminded me of all her amazing qualities. Bekah always saw me for who I am and always called me out on my flaws. Even though she was young, our connection was real. Ultimately, I said goodbye not because we weren’t a good match, but because I didn’t think she was ready for marriage and because my relationships with other women felt stronger.” They should have Bekah M do running commentary cut-aways during the the next show which she pretty much did this season. She’s pretty funny. She made fun of herself with the Missing person’s situation. That’s the only reason I tuned in to rubber neck the TV. Her impression of Krystal during the bowling episode was hilarious. A Bekah hometown date would have been fun.

  • Amy Kunchome

    She will go on joining Bachelor in Paradise or other show in the franchise for sure..People love her.

  • Lyna Dupuis

    Joke dance response grip forest five hell stream shortly lifestyle.

  • SportTalkForDummies

    I don't care how fashion forward it is..... Red and Pink are awful together

  • Brooke Larson

    why is she talking like that? sounds like crystal!

  • Jonathan 916

    Wow, can't believe she's only 22! Incredibly mature, articulate, and sophisticated for her age.

  • Slava Grinman

    Kimmels forte, the meaningless television shows. Should stay out of politics

  • Mallow07 M

    Her mouth movements are getting on my nerves

  • LmaoRoshi

    "Well I was hoping it would be Peter"HDJDJD LITERALLY EVERYBODY

  • ladypodtron

    Instead of Bekah M being the next bachelorette, I would rather watch a show with Bekah and her friends hanging out at a weed farm. Make it happen ABC!

  • Morgan King

    She is just the cutest! I would love to see her as bachelorette in the future. I could see them picking Kendall though which would be cool too.

  • The Coffee Life

    I freaking love Jimmy 😂

  • Kimberrsworld

    It's ok Becca! Arie will end up divorced anyway! You're too good for that boring old fart.

  • Rojar Dakar

    Give her blonde hair and she would look like a young Marilyn Monroe!

  • YoseMiteEmery

    I hope she’s the bachelorette

  • Bcdf 1930

    She is very mature for her age!

  • Joanna R

    She's so cool. He probably misses her.

  • Savvy Elizabeth

    Bekah or Kendall for the next bachelorette pls

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