Livin' on the Street: Whose Fault Is It When the Stock Market Drops? - The Daily Show

As the Dow Jones recovers from its largest single-day dip in history, Hasan Minhaj explains who and what are to blame for stock market instability.

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  • WireMosasaur

    Is... is Hasan ok lmao

  • J P

    Stopped about 30 seconds in since...this guy is not smart or funny.

  • edward lubin

    homeboy needs to bring that energy level up a

  • Kinyua Kariithi

    Hardcore capitalism, no wonder American s are greed bastards

  • Dewaldt

    It's interesting how liberals were saying that the good economy is Obama's economy until something bad happened suddenly it has become Trumps economy. It's almost as if they are just like the Conservatives who said that this is Trumps economy until something bad happened.

  • Kristan Burgess

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Hasan looks fantastic in suspenders???

  • Ophelia White

    Gosh darn it, Hasan came to my university but the line was so freaking long I couldn't go in and see him!!!!! Dude hope you come back some day. I be camping in the line.

  • mohammedzoh3

    slow down on the cocaina Hasan

  • prospect689

    Trump better take care credit for this, he won't and blame Barrack! Hey, guy Barrack has been out of office (and ik he's glad) for a year you can't blame your fuckups on him.

  • Jonathan Levu

    Generic Cereal is great

  • james fiacco

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  • SJ X

    damn Hasan looks good!!!!

  • Real Talk With Marcus Devernear

    This information is all over the place and I understand it's supposed to be funny. You need the media to make it worse than what it is, so this way the little guy sells off. "The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the street" Quote by John D. Rockefeller. Want to learn more.....

  • Jeffrey Andrus

    No wonder my generation get a bad wrap they eat this stuff up.....

  • jb hann

    Let's see here....just recently, China started trading oil using their currency, not the US Dollar Now, seeing that the fiat US dollar is backed by oil, that could have a lot to do with it. It might also indicate why US marines are currently being sent over to those areas to complete against the rise of ChinaThen the jobs report came out about the time the markets dropped, and stated wages for workers went up by 2.9. So, that means less money for the scum sucking fucks on Wall Street, and they don't actually care about the workers of this nation, only about their greed.

  • Rainbow Writer

    This guy needs a Xanax! But damn he is funny !

  • Devin Petersen

    Occurred means happened past tense and or future little tiny insignificant attempted insulter

  • Jon stark

    This motherfucker after a year is still blaming obama 😧 gtfh trumptards.

  • Emil Sørensen

    I just wish I hadn't invested all my money in January.I could've saved 500 dollars, or alternative made 500 by buying low. I did make 100 dollars just on Paradox Interactive shares. It's the only company I bought and they're doing great.

  • Surge Meds

    But when it is doing good it’s Obama’s doing, and whenever it goes down it’s Trump’s fault? Losers on both sides making no sense.

  • dushyant parkhi

    Does anyone actually find Hassan funny ? He has set the bar too low for daily show.

  • Zaheeda Singh

    Is that 🇹🇹cuff links you’re wearing?

  • rsh696

    The best part is that the character they showed on screen (机) actually means "desk."


    This video is super quiet.

  • Remy Autar

    hahaha so funny , I'm also a daytrader and this is actually reality , great vid.

  • Joel Welch

    He's never funny to me. I avoided this video for 2 days and finally watched it. Just what I suspected not funny. Won't do it again.

  • Lesetsa Matlala

    A class performance Hasan!

  • xylophone

    Thanks for the captions!

  • Ron Winter

    Thanks Obama....yuk, yuk.

  • Conchita Mendez

    Hasan looks and talks exactly like a real junior analyst at an investment bank. On the spot!

  • jim dugan

    s'aull good, bro

  • Don Quixito's all some homeless guys fault....

  • Mustard Seed

    They're going to raise interest rates now. Scam scam scams.

  • Shelly Beans

    everytime I see Minhaj i click so fast

  • Jay Jay

    I am shocked that people are willing to pick their Ego and pocket over morals. Trump simply shows the ignorant that has been buried within this country for years. Trump and his puppets are going to be the ones to destroy this country. Sucks that those who didn’t support had to be on this sinking ship.

  • Not Woke Enough

    I like Hasan's struggle with the phones

  • Korg Borg

    fun fact wallstreet is named after the redlight destrict the ""wallen"in Amsterdam

  • Robert N

    Fuck Hannity,..I got a fist ready for that racist ass jaw...

  • clumsiii

    sweet bit love the red button and the play on that asshole on msnbc or wtvr that raging business twat

  • Nancy Qug

    the wall street people drop the market value when they see its getting too valuable for people that are using it

  • Melancholy Supreme Kai

    I don’t know about you guys, but this seems like the time for a military parade.

  • Steveland Emmanuel

    There's actually 3 fingers pointing back at you. Not 4

  • Regan Kelly


  • Daniela H.

    I love this Aziz Ansari guy

  • themusesince80

    Foolio....p.s. when you point your finger, 3 point back at you! Not 4!! You know what it means too!!! #AccountabilityForEverybody

  • transylvanian

    Good. A loss for the capitalist scum is a win for the proletariat.

  • mukund p

    Hasan tries so hard...😕

  • dogless10

    Lyin’ Donald Trumptaint owns the biggest one-day stock market drop EVER, judged by his own words in a previous tweet. FDT

  • Debbie Gross

    Hannity is just absolutely evil!

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