Jimmy Kimmel Monologue 2/10/2018 - Trump vs Kamala

"Jimmy Kimmel Monologue 2/10/2018 - Trump vs Kamala" no description available.
  • R R

    I am ashamed of these fellow ugly americans

  • Stephan Azor

    If DACA is repealed all Santa Look-Alikes must be deported to the north pole immediately. Santa has entered this country Illegally. Who cares if he comes bearing gifts to all of the children the law is the law.

  • Sesom Age

    These Rep Maggots should be sent to other countries instead of the dreamers. They would not last a month.

  • r s

    Go to bed Kimmel, you're drunk.

  • TB

    Get the facts right. Behind Saudi arabia and israel America is the cruelest country on earth. The world is taking in immigrants on the back of american failed foreign policies. Grubs!

  • isimi taiwo

    After watching this..i realize how stupid these conservative can be..it was a simple google check on what DACA entails,this administration just propagates ignorance and hate.

  • m. rude

    So what ever happened to that "collusion" thing, jimmy?

  • Lalith Vithana

    that old fucker with the beard behaves like he owns america

  • ArtGirl82

    what I'd like to know is, how the hell did that orange buffoon rationalize a drop in black unemployment to it's lowest levels ever, when 2 years ago he was squawking about how it was up around 45%. Meanwhile the only thing politically he's done vis-a-vis the black community in the last 2 years is try to pick fights with John Lewis and Frederica Wilson, embolden a bunch of white nationalist paramilitary organizations and called black countries shitholes right before MLK day. BTW black unemployment actually spiked up a point in the days after the SOTU.

  • O

    disrespectful to the president? omg trump deserves zero respect. He is pure trash.

  • Sesom Age

    This rep thugs can comment all they want against immigration but the reality is that it will never stop. This country’s population is becoming old and obsolete and we need young vibrant people willing to work hard not momma boys with entitlements that will not lift a finger to better our society. I have worked along side people like the dreamers and I would rather see them as part of our society than those reps or the tiki torch whites, I say this without any reservations.

  • Gary Sutphin

    Also, I think Jimmy Kimmel is a decent human being. He's grounded enough to know just how lucky he is. And he's not taking it for granted.

  • Jeff Beck


  • Cerbyo

    not sure how you can understand anything they say on teh view...its like they are talking a totally difference language....just quack quack quack.....is all i hear

  • MateriaHunter

    I would tell those anti-daca people to get to hell back to Europe, but I don't want them here.

  • Kenneth Herbert

    This makes me sad for our country. These people are hateful.

  • lynda mackrous

    I miss the former comedians Leno and letterman

  • Terry Cunningham

    Whats the point of having laws if people can break them for whatever reason suits them?

  • Mick Beth


  • Rosie Sandoval-Jeffery

    He is completely right. This country has become so cruel and lacks all compassion.

  • Steve Schrader

    Trump as a pumpkin video. Trumpkin!https://youtu.be/406F-Se58AE

  • Eko Foxx

    I have a hard time understanding anyone proactive in separating a parent from their child only due to the fact of nativity. When that guy suggested the baby stays but the mother leaves, I would have launched a fist towards his face.

  • Robert Pirlot

    We probably should be kicking out all these Terrorists out of America. Some of them make it easy to spot, they wear these hats saying "Make America Great Again".

  • wasted wolf

    Deport all Dreamers it's the Democrats fault that you're in this situation

  • swistedfilms

    When people ask you a question and immediately interrupt you while you try to answer, ask them this: did you ask the question because you wanted an answer or did you ask it because you thought I didn't have one? If they ask another question instead of letting you answer then you know they aren't listening. You aren't having a conversation.

  • Bonnie Gates

    There is a next life an enteral life and all those hateful people on that stage can try apply to get into heaven but they might want to remember you must being a good loving person who puts the needs of others before their own to qualify

  • Gary Sutphin

    This group of conservatives? Depressing, disheartening and more than just a little scary. I'm ashamed FOR them.

  • Sir Wulf

    Jimmy of late you really suckTrump is old news dude. Spend a night at Seth's house get your bearings strait.

  • Gary Sutphin

    Plus...these conservatives strike me as the kind of people who, at least, THINK they've 'got theirs'. They're scared shitless of losing it. And their cowardly and frightened attitude is....to hell(fuck) everyone else.

  • MateriaHunter

    Dear God, those people are horrible.

  • TheUnhuz

    Pseudo non native americans are the scum of the earth. Bunch of stupid uneducated dogma retards. USA is the melting pot of the earth. There is NO native americans exept for those that were already there when english people landed in their beaches...How can you say you send people away the same way you were in in the 1st place?Stupid retards

  • Cedar Poplar

    Those "MAGA" folks are very hateful and hypocritical. It makes you want to lock them up and send them back to wherever their ancestors came from.

  • lee graybeal

    why is kimmel video sound so distorted. fallon, meyers and Noah shows on youtube has great sound!

  • Angel 33

    The View is like Fox news

  • Samuel Yeo

    No matter how bad Trump is in the way he treats women,the base supporters,especially the so-called Christian evangelicals simply do not care. He had sexual rendezvous even with porn stars,when his wife was pregnant. Worst of all,he wants to change the normal 9 months' term the pregnancy of a woman.

  • Eric V

    The two in the red clown hats deserve a good slap in the face, wake up you ignorant fools.

  • Jack W

    Kimmel showing that family to the Republicans is wasting his time. Kimmel's problem is that he's using his brain. You simply can't expect Republicans to do that. The one good result that came out of that is he verified further that Republican's not only don't have brains, but also don't have hearts

  • Cerbyo

    SHouldn't they feel kinda stupid at this point? Their country obviously doesn't love them the way they love their country. They give their money, their lives, the husband fights for the country as well risking his life for its values. Its a one-sided thing completely. Why are you serving a country the best you can when it that does this to you...? It's masochism, pure and simple. This shit is sad, it really is. Trying to change a system from the inside out? It's not going well is it.... change countries, you are loving something that will never love you in return, its sad to watch. They are no different than other americans, but they are treated like social outcasts. THe root of hte problem is america will always need someone somewhere they can persecute nearby. And they always need an enemy somewhere in the world they can work together to fight against. They need those 2 things. There will always be descrimination for no good fucking reasons unless the socio economic and political situation changes....and that can change with the current governing policies in effect.....neither the democrats or republicans have done anyhting ot change it. However there have been democrats who want to change it....so at least there is some hope on taht side of hte coin....even Hilarly at one point was one of these people who wanted to make hte country a utopia of 1st world healthcare and social benefits.

  • Peli Pequi

    That old lady applied when there was a path to come legally with a job contract or came from Cuba with protected status. This shows most people have no clue that there is no path to legalization. It no longer exists. Furthermore, crossing borders illegally is a crime since 1994, not before. Even marrying her husband would not place her in a path to legalization because she has no status, limbo, no entry recorded. Good try Jimmy...but not enough. We are a "first world nation" with ineffective immigration laws. What you need to do is educate, because most people are clueless, and think that getting on line is actually an option. It's not.

  • Magical Wizard

    Obuma created the divide in this country but liberals are to stupid to see that. Jimmy is a total idiot and a hypocrite. Trump is doing a great job. TRUMP2020

  • Bob David

    Trump would destroy her.. sorry liberals, no more Obama types .

  • Caleb Mastronardi

    I thought that this was going to be Trump vs Kamala the wrestler

  • RageMojo

    You can spin it anyway you want, but people that are super anti immigrant are racists. Period. Fucking racists. The two morons invoking the Constitution dont know shit about the Constitution.

  • patmartin01

    DUDE...five commercials?! This isn't your video, knock that crap off!

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